Charity Trustees

Role of a trustee

Charity Trustees are volunteers who make some of the most important decisions in Scouting.

They are members of a group known as the Executive Committee and every District has one.  The Executive Committee in Scouting is like a board of governors in a school; essentially it makes sure that the best quality Scouting is delivered to young people in our District. The volunteers that make up the Committee give their time to ensure that Scouting continues to meet its charitable purpose: safely and legally. 

258th Birmingham St Anne’s Scout Group are a Charity in their own right and are registered with Charities Commission in the UK as Charity Number: 1186015.

“Being an Executive Committee member is a rewarding and challenging way to support Scouting” 

– Jeremy, Group Executive Committee member

Members of the Executive Committee must act collectively as charity trustees of the Scout District and in the best interests of its members. You can find out more details about the role of the Group Executive Committee in this factsheet.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM is held once a year, it contains some important legal aspects and key mandatory business that must be covered:

  • Receive and adopt the Annual Report and Financial Statements
  • Reappoint or elect key appointments in the District Scout Council (Presidents, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer)
  • Appoint the Independent Examiner for the coming year
  • Elect and/or co-opt members to the Executive Committee.

…but that doesn’t mean it’s boring, we usually include presentations from Young People who share the adventure they’ve been having through Scouting and there’s always an opportunity to socialise.